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Over the years I have received many compliments on my spacers and reports on the results experienced from using them.  Some are copied here and more will be added as time allows.                                                                                                            

"I purchased the spacers for the Kubota 2300 compact tractor this summer. I would like to thank you for making such a great product. The 6" rear and 4" front extension per wheel worked out great. The overall look of the tractor is better now and the side slope performance of the tractor is a 1000% safer now."    M.Ayres, Jefferson City, MO

"Hi Christian. Just letting you know the spacers arrived yesterday afternoon. They're beautiful! We are calling one of the tire dealers in Billings to come up and put them
on. So we should be ready to roll in a week or so! Wish you the Best."  Sherrilyn, Montana

"The wheel spacers fit perfect and made a HUGE difference in the stability of the tractor.. Thanks again!!"  T.Gustin

"Christian, I test fit the front wheel spacers when they came in. The fit was great. The John Deere dealer did not have any comments which is a good sign since they would feedback only if they did not like something. The change in feel of the tractor with these spacers is amazing. Very pleased. Best Regards."  K.Shalberg

"Hi Christian, Things got very busy for me about the time the packages arrived and finally this morning I had time to install them on my tractor. They fit great and are exactly what I wanted. Thank you for a fine job!"  P.Duke

"Got the spacers they fit great I used it today it feels a lot safer. Thanks."  G.Holley 

"Christian, Just a follow-up FYI; the wheel spacers have given me a great deal of extra confidence in maneuvering around our property, up our mountain road, and around the roadway. Our hills have hills, and I feel MUCH safer now that the track is wider.  Thanks again."  J.McKee

"I received the spacers. They work great - just the right amount of clearance. Thanks."

"Christian, I received the wheel spacers. Thank you very much, they look and function great! I drove my tractor on a steep angle in my yard and it handled much more stable then before. Great job."  K.Fuller

"I have received and installed the 4" spacers for my 4wd b9200 HST kubota tractor.  They exceeded my expectations with the quality and flawless build of the units.  I am thrilled with them and my neighbors talk about them endlessly just as though they had ordered them. 
I now find that I need a pair of 4" spacers for the front axles of the same tractor as the chains I have tried to install hit on the tie rods. Best to you and Merry Christmas." 
R.Harmon, Colorado

"Got them Saturday and the fit perfectly. Thanks!"  S.Jeffers

"Christian, I just wanted to follow up and tell you that I rec'd all parts and have them installed. I am VERY satisfied, I had the opportunity to show the local dealer and he has asked for your contact info.I hope you are able to continue making these marvelous wheel spacers! Thank You!" C.Henry

"I received the spacers on Friday and installed them today. Very good quality and fit.    THANK YOU."  R.Bourgeois

"Hey Christian, Hope all’s well w/ you when you get this… Just an update, I finally got around to installing those wheel spacers (Kubota BX25) & they’re everything you said they’d be. I don’t have to hold my breath & get ready to bail off every time this thing goes over an ant hill. Thanx again"  Bud K.